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Could we have new "fast swipe" gestures?

We are mainly using a gesture-based gui these days and one thing that keps coming up is a need to scroll thru longer lists with more ease.
Could it be a good idea to add a new set of gestures: slow, medum and fast swipe?

In for example Kodi, this could then be assigned to the various page up/down commands and provide a way to differentiate between fast and slow swipes as scroll just one item, a few more or one whole page.
I would have thought this would be very useful for gesture-based remotes.
In Kodi there are at least three types of scroll commands: one item at a time, a few more items at a time and scroll whole page up/down. Access to this could be really elegant on devices that have support for this and perhaps with reasonable development efforts for the iRule team? Any comment?
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