Couple questions for an iRule newbie

hello group,
I'm a recent convert from redeye to iRule. Redeye was unquestionably simpler to set up but I'm assuming that will also mean that iRule will be substantially more powerfull... once I get things figured out. My fingers are crossed. I have a couple quick questions.

1- I added a Roku player to my system. I added it as an IP controllable device in builder but how do I add it to an existing handset?

2- Is there a keyboard available for iRule?

3- I created a handset for my Asus note pad 7. When I go in to modify the default icons, the x1 icons in the default image library are too large. Nothing seems to be modifiable from builder but these images are coming from somewhere. Do I actually need to modify these myself in an image editor? If so, where do I get a folder of these images?

I've programed URC and Redeye systems in the past so I'm drawing on their capacities to feel my way through the iRule world. Documentation seems pretty slight and spotty so I've landed here for help.

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