Database and other codes on same device

I have added one device from your list, Dream Multimedia, dreambox.

I am missing one command, but i know the command with Network, so I added the missing command under Network codes for Dream Multimedia.

But in my iPhone I cannot add the Network code under HTTP, because it is already used for iTach, IR codes(database)

Do I really have to add Dream Multimedia onemore time and rename it to something else(so I know which one is for IR and for Network)
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  • Hi Daniel,

    If you're trying to control a single device via two different types of gateway (i.e. IR and IP), then you'll need two different gateways, and two different devices to attach to each appropriate gateway.

    So, in your case, yes - just create a new device, than attach that device to its own HTTP gateway.

    Alternately, you could find or learn the IR hex command and add it to your existing IR device.

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