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Decimal Places in Label - Can they be formatted?

I am trying to set up a page with numerous light modules (Insteon devices with the ISY gateway).

I have the devices on one page and calling on one drawer to control the any of the devices. My issue is related to having a label on the drawer page showing the on level of the selected dimmer.

I assign a variable $Feedback1$ to the particular light's Feedback value. Then when the button for a particular light is pressed to open the drawer, I give the following commands:

Set Variable: $Feedback$ = $Feedback1$
Set Variable: $DrawerPage_Visibilty$ = 40 [to open the drawer]

On the Drawer page, beneath the buttons to control that light, I have a label to show the intensity level of that light. The label is equal to the variable $Feedback$.

This works as intended but unfortunately the label shows the intensity value with 18 decimal places, whereas $Feedback1$ only shows 1 decimal place!

Is there a way to format the label ?

A somewhat related question... Feedback Values allow for Point Positions but all the options include decimals. Is there a way to have the value show as an integer?
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