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Denon volume lock-up minimized?

Does anyone know if the "volume ramp-up lock-up" issue with Denon receivers was addressed in any way by iRule Version 3.3.1?

I was experimenting with it today, and while the lock-up can still be triggered by the repeated volume codes when using serial control (GC-100), it appears to have been minimized -- even gone? -- when using IP control.

With IP control, I have reduced the repeat interval to 0.1 seconds and it will still ramp continuously from -80dB to -20dB, a 60dB range, rapidly and without lockup. In fact. I tried an interval of 0.05 seconds and it still displays as 0.1 seconds in the Builder, but is measurably faster in real life.

With the 0.05-second interval the 60dB ramp (in 0.5dB steps) takes about 12 seconds, or about 0.1 seconds per step. With the 0.1-second interval it takes about 18 seconds, about 0.15 seconds per step.

As a double-check I reverted to serial control and the Denon locked up as soon as I touched the volume button.

Our clients will be relieved if we can replicate this on their systems!

(One hint: if the router feeding your iPad supports 5GHz WiFi, try logging in to that. The volume adjustment feels much smoother and continuous.)

--Dan in St. Louis
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  • Follow-up:

    1) The volume lockup occurs only when using a GC-100 for serial control of the Denon receiver. It does not occur when using IP control, or when using serial control through an IP2SL.

    2) The loss of the serial output pulses from the GC-100 can be seen on an oscilloscope.

    3) The GC-100 is not reporting any "Parity errors" or "Serial overflows" when this happens.

    What do you think, Jens?

    --Dan in St. Louis
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