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Developing Windows Program to work with irule :)

As soon as I am done working overtime I am going to start to develop a program that will run on my Windows Home Server 2011 and assist iRule with more functionality. Here is a planned list so far:

Log info. Irule will send a simple command called log and any text inbetween it will be saved to a simple text file and date and time will be added.

Image Webload. send the url of an image and the size and the built in webserver will display the imaged scaled as a webpage for irule to display. Mainly for XBMC artwork and thumbnails.

Variable store and recall. will store as many variables as you can think of and recall them just as easy. Used to keep different iRule apps synced.

Request Date and Time. this will give you feedback of current date and time. Will also look into local weather being able to be requested.

Time scheduled feedback. send time and date and my program will send back to irule using feedback. Also will be able send itach/isy commands from my program so you can schedule things that will still be done even if iRule is not running.

Notify, this will be able to create a popup on the server with whatever message you want. Using the time schedule from above feedback to iRule could allow iRule to display info to the user.

Url encode/Decode this will help with some protocols I use.

The program will also have extended commands that can be triggered by iRule. Like run a program, shutdown the pc, ect..

Once I have most things working I will simply share the device in the builder so you can see examples of how all the commands will work. and feedback.

I am also working on a handset to share that shows you some complex methods of changing backgrounds using overlays and variables. you can create a custom background right in iRule and use that for all your pages. It also has a demo of how to display currently playing art and thumbnail from XBMC. I plan on incorporating some animation in there too using the new variable and logic system!
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