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DirecTV and Denon AVR-3310CI Issues

I'm new to iRule and love the idea after being familiar with Control4, Crestron, HAI, etc. However, I've gone through the main "getting started" video and noticed that the software is a bit different. After going through the video and looking on the forums for answers I have not been able to get either my DirecTV nor my Denon AVR-3310CI working at all. I am trying my DirecTV as HTTP with the suggested iRule port or 8080. I am trying my Denon receiver as Network (TCP/IP) with port 23. I am not able to get control of either and it constantly says "Not Connected" in the devices window(s). I have an app on both my tablet and my phone that allows me to control my Denon and it works great; I'm using the same IP. Same goes for my DirecTV...the tablet and phone app work great over IP but not in iRule. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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