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Disable home button while using iRule?

I have an in wall iPad in a rented property. Everything I want to control is in iRule except Sonos, since the iRule module is so limited in features. Instead I added a button that loads up the Sonos app. That creates a ‘Back to IRule’ button in the top left corner in Sonos so switching between the apps is seamless. However, I want to prevent users from doing anything else on the iPad, like using safari, playing games and especially going into settings. Ideally I would like to simply temporarily disable the home button. Here are the options I have considered:

1. Guided access. Works great except restricts you to a single app, so won’t allow iRule to open Sonos.

2. Physically locking the home button out by installing a plate over it. Would lock me out as well though, which is not what I want.

3. Physical lock per #2 but then setting up an external switch using switch control. Very inconvenient as one of the apps I want to access is the home alarm so you’d have to have the device on you.

4. Using restrictions. Unfortunately not restricted enough. For example you can still get into network settings etc. .

Any bright ideas? Anyone know how to disable the home button like guided access does but still allow apps to open other apps? Is there an app for that? Thanks.
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