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Drawers - overlapping, z-index and behaviors

In iOS, drawer overlapping appears to depend on the placement order of the drawers within a page.However, if you tap the background of drawer A that is behind drawer B, it brings drawer A to the front.

This really makes things difficult for my preferred layout, which depends heavily on the use of pinned drawers and specific placement of items therein to avoid overlapping layout. If a use accidentally taps the background of a particular drawer, it renders many buttons inaccessible unless he/she knows how to bring the original drawer back to the front. This is especially hard when drawers have transparent backgrounds.

It would be nice to have this behavior configurable so that if you want the drawers to always obey a strict overlapping order, you can.

While we're on the subject, why give me configuration options in the Builder for things like "position" if I can't configure them? Apparently, I can only create a bottom drawer if I first create Left and Right drawers. Also, it would be nice to be able to specify on the fly which drawer goes in front rather than having to create and delete drawers to get the appropriate order.

Any chance any of these things are on the horizon?
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