Duplicating IRule set up in a second room

How do I create an IRule set up for a second room that has the same components where I will be using the same IPad without having a conflict with the first set up? What are the steps to follow to create the second room without having to do everything over?
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  • Hi maurerlaw,

    If you have iRule Pro, it's a simple affair with Device Replacement. Fortunately, we just finished a YouTube video tutorial on Device Replacement. You can watch the video here:


    If you're the sort that would rather read, there's a PDF on our support site:

    The basic steps are as follows:
    1) Copy/paste your first room's panels and pages to duplicate, and rename both sets of panels/pages as appropriate, i.e. Living Room DVR, Bedroom DVR.

    2) Copy/paste your devices to duplicate, and rename both sets of devices, i.e. if your cable box was called "Motorola Cable QIP Series All Models", rename it and the copy to "Motorola Cable Bedroom" and "Motorola Cable Living".

    3) In the new room's panels, replace the other room's devices with the new devices you created.

    4) Add a new "room selector" panel and page with nothing but links for each room's set of controls, save, and sync your handset.

    5) In the app, create a new gateway, attach the new devices to that new gateway.

    Let us know if you have any trouble.

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