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Entrances being executed when they shouldn't


I have a panel with multiple entrances and multiple pages, like this:

Music Videos
Power Off

GMusic -> linked to entrance Music
Songza -> linked to entrance Music
Vevo -> linked to entrance Music Videos
Netflix -> linked to entrance Movies
Youtube -> linked to entrance Movies
Power Off -> linked to entrance Power Off
Pandora -> linked to entrance Music

Previously, when I went to one of these pages, the corresponding entrance was executed.

However, today (not sure if there was an update in the iRule app or the back-end) when I enter a page I get random behaviours. It's like multiple entrances are getting executed.

For example, when I go from a home page to GMusic, sometimes the correct entrance gets executed, but other times, the "Power Off" entrance gets executed.

All entrances are linked to pages.

I'm on Android, running iRule 2.1.1 1846
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