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Exporting images

It seems that after over 3 years it's still not possible to export pictures from iRule. How do I get sdme pictures out of an image library to resize them? Taking a screenshot is barely a way to go. Is there a way to do it?
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    From the images tab click the down arrow and browse images. Search iRule or community for images. From the resulting list click the view button on the far right of the set you are interested in. This will display a group of icons. Drag and drop to your desktop. Note: Search for seven under the community tab for seven theme icons. Unfortunately the seven non-pressed activity buttons show up invisible since they are on a white background. They are there but just cant be seen, hence picking the icons you want can be a pain. iRule developers really need to make the background a color so all image icons can be seen.

    Alternately, all the images in your setup should also reside on your device providing they are placed on a panel.

    For Android use a file manager to browse to:


    If there are many you can get the image id # out of builder and search using that.

    From there you can upload to google drive or dropbox or if you rather copy to your computer directly you can just plug your device into your computer and just browse to the aforementioned android folder.
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