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Extreme slow performance with ISY Automation Module

I am trying to use the ISY module to add thermostat and dimmer controls to a couple of my iRule iOS pages. The issue is that as soon as I add even a single ISY (automation module) control to a page, performance of all other aspects of the page slow to a crawl. What would trigger an event almost immediately is now taking between 5-10 seconds as soon as a single ISY control is included on the page.

I have an ISY system with about 75 Insteon devices. What seems to be happening is that the iRule ISY module is querying the entire system every time the ISY automation module controls need to be refreshed. This causes a HUGE load on the ISY, essentially rendering it inoperable while this is going on. When the iRule pages in question are visible on the iPad, my ISY control admin software essentially freezes. As soon as I exit the iRule app, the ISY admin console comes back to life.

What can I do to get acceptable performance that does not freeze out the rest of my ISY / Insteon system, and get normal performance back for the app?

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