Feature requests

I have been using iRule for some time now and there are some features that I think would be a huge leap forward.

This first one is primarily for the Android version. Please move the menu button to the area where the connection status icon is. The new google play store has this icon in that area so it would be keeping in line with ICS styled applications that still use a menu button. I am using a Sony tablet with stock ICS, and a Kindle fire with ICS loaded on it. The Kindle has an issue with the navigation bar with any apps that place a menu button on this bar. Moving it to the upper bar would not only fix this issue, but would mimick the layout using new ICS applications.

This would be a GREAT addition for both Android and iOS. I'd like to add some visuals and other information that can be parsed from a website, but I would need some way to use a devices feedback, or a portion thereof in a URL. For example - lets say I have tuned to the station TBS and my DirecTV box reports this to me as channel 247. I take the 247, place it in to a URL for the web plugin such as http://www.url.com/$CHAN (where what is the reported feedback put in to a variable - in this case the value 247) and it returns the result of the page http://www.url.com/247 . You can have in the parse of the devices feedback a variable name that you want to assign this value to. This would also work great with the conditional statements mentioned later.

X/Y point positions to place buttons. Trying to get my layout from my Sony tablet to my Kindle or iPhone, I have trouble getting buttons where they not only look good but are placed away from other buttons enough to be useable. I can kind of do this by playing with the height and width attributes of the button, but some buttons this area overlaps and makes some buttons not useable unless you press the exact right area. Using X/Y points tied to the top-left of the button and relating to X/Y pixles of the device's screen you are using would REALLY open up a LOT of versatility to the layout.

Already mentioned but seconded here are conditional statements, a master page to change common itmes on multiple pages and adjustable level/timing of screen dim.

I guess these are enough for my first suggestion list - but don't worry, I will come up with more!

Thanks for the great app guys!
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