feedback and conditionals to change image (channel logos)

So I have conditionals/set variables and feedbacks working with changing images to certain icons (mute/unmute) on my handset and that is a pretty simple conditional "if then/set variable" statement.

What I now was contemplating was using the feedback from my system (Windows 7 HTPC with Windows Media Center and LiveTV) to change a image to the channel logo, so in my case I would get feedback for 434 from my system and instead of just showing the text I would have a image for "Fox HD" populate and when I change channel the image would change to the appropriate image.

With that said, I started to think about this and the way that I implemented mute/unmute and other simple states (two/three max) and with channels I have over 140 possible logos and that would be one very long "if then/elseif/etc" statement - is that the only way I can implement this or is there another more efficient way.
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