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feedback updating is inconsistent (android and pioneer receiver)


Using 1.5.3 on Android with a pioneer receiver (VSX-94TXH) connected via RS-232 to a Global Cache GC100-6.

Sending commands works fine - and some feedbacks (volume, input) work fine - but the Listening Mode feedback doesn't work 99% of the time.
I have tried debugging by connecting direct to the GC100 (using VSPE and PUTTY) and if I send a feedback request (?S and ?L) I do indeed get the appropriate response - but when I use iRule -- its totally hit or miss - and mostly miss.

Any ideas? Anyway to debug within iRule?
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  • ok - my own further diagnostic suggests that these particular feedbacks are not being recognized as one response.

    For example, if I do a ?L the expected response might be LM132.

    I think there must be slight delays between the characters coming back and its being seen as multiple messages (i.e. LM, 132, CR+LF). If I setup a feedback that captures all responses (no prefix suffix and a blank value) then some characters arrive quicker than I can read them and the final string that shows is 132.

    As a result, trapping for a prefix of LM, doesn't work. Trapping for a prefix of LM AND a suffix of \xOD also doesn't work (don't know why).

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