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Fix: How to reverse operation of hard key button volume controls on Android devices (up is down and down is up)

Are your android device volume hard keys working backwards in iRule app? Need a way to reverse the volume hard key operation for landscape vs portrait mode on your tablet or phone?

I have found that some android devices have the physical volume hard keys located on the upper left of device instead of upper right. What happens is iRule app will mistakenly assign the upper left oriented vol keys *backwards* so the 'up' key does Vol Down and the 'down' key does Vol Up. It is really annoying if you find a need to use the device hard keys. there is no issue if the device has the vol keys on upper right.

I have a lot of different android devices and found this issue consistent regardless of device. Vol hard keys are on left of device = iRul app will assign the vol key operation backwards. iRule is the only android remote app that does this, I tested other remote apps in the Play market and none of them had this issue. I tested with android 6.0.1 btw. I did not test earlier versions.

Good news! The fix is fast & easy thanks to iRule's flexibility. All you have to do is go to your device's volume up/down commands and do two things to them:

**If your vol hard keys never worked, start at Step 1. if your vol hard keys presently work and you just need to swap order of function, start at Step 2. - This fix does not affect soft button operations on the screen- this only applies to the physical vol key buttons on the side of most android tablets and phones.

1. Make sure your device volume keys actually work with iRule, prerequisite: (If you do not do these first two steps, the volume commands will never work with android device volume hard keys - If your volume hard keys never worked, this will fix it.)

> 1a. In iRule builder, Devices, rename the device's volume commands in all caps, "VOLUME UP" AND "VOLUME DOWN". These names must be exact or they will not map to the device's hardware keys. Save and sync to your handset.

> 1b. Second, in the iRule android app > Devices, select your preferred volume control device and be sure to turn on the "use for volume control" switch.

>1c. Now go to any panel that has volume soft key functions and your side hard volume keys on device should operate the panel's assigned device volume.

2. Swapping the hard key operation: Go to Irule Builder. In your device list on right, find your preferred volume device like the AVR or TV. Go to the "VOLUME UP" command for the device, and rename it to "VOLUME DOWN". Now go to the device's "VOLUME DOWN" command and rename it to "VOLUME UP".

3. In your handset panel views on the right of iRule Builder, look at your volume button commands. The top level command description still says "volume up", but the tan icon for the actual command name will read "VOLUME DOWN". When you use this on your android device it will switch the operation of the hard key. But it will not change the operation of your soft buttons on screen, they will work as normal.

So if your device was doing a "Vol Down" every time you pressed the up vol side key, this work-around will fix the problem and it won't affect your panel buttons.

You can experiment with this using entrances to swap the command name dynamically based on what panel you are going to- for example let's say you want the hard button operation swapped with landscape vs portrait.

Here is a basic screenshot of changing the device volume command name and how it will show on the handset:

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