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I’m confused

Getting Started (Newbie)

feeling like an idiot...I purchased Irule a while back and I haven't had the time to set it up. I have a mac book, Linksys router and iPad. I have downloaded the APP and purchased a Itach IP 2SL. My basic equipment list is Integra 80.3, Directtv with Genie, Sony Projector HW55, Oppo 103, Apple TV and Lutron lighting. I am having a melt down. I have downloaded the APP and tried to build a hand set and connect the IP2SL and nothing. I'm somewhat computer savvy and I am trying to transition from Harmony 1100. I simply need help; first steps, how to literally hook up the IP2SL and how to get activities going. I know there is a steep learning curve and it gets easier but I need help.
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  • Edgar, you do not "download an app" to build the program that the iRule app runs. Review some of the tutorials at


    to see how to get started.

    Watch how iRule names certain elements of the system. The "App" is the iRule program running on an iPad or other portable equipment.

    A "Handset" can refer to either the portable equipment itself or to the script produced by the iRule "Builder":


    that tells the "App" what commands to execute and where to send them.

    A "Device" can refer to either a piece of physical A/V gear in your system, or to the driver that defines the commands in the "Device" Libraries in the "Builder."

    Watching the tutorials will help.

    The IP2SL that you have will only control equipment with a serial interface. Most A/V gear has an infrared interface available and a single iTach IP2IR can deliver IR pulses to several pieces of gear. You choose which type of commands to use from the "Devices" library while creating the script in the "Builder."

    It helps me remember where I am in a project, or while troubleshooting, to remember the sequence of events that must take place to execute a command:

    1) Open the "Builder" and start a "Handset."

    2) Assign commands to buttons by dragging them onto a button from the "Device" libraries.

    3) Save the resulting (logical) "Handset" to iRule's Internet servers.

    4) Install the iRule "App" to your (physical) "Handset" and synchronize it to the (logical) "Handset" stored on the Net in the step above.

    5) Build "Gateways" in the "App" that define which "Device" commands you wish to have sent by which ports on an iTach, or directly over your local network if you use any Network or HTTP control.

    6) Now, on a page in the "App," pressing a button will send the command you programmed for that button to the iTach output port that you defined in a "Gateway," and from the "Gateway" by infrared, serial, or network communications to the (physical) "Device."

    Yeah, it sounds complicated, so start with one the pre-packaged (logical) "Handsets" generated by the wizard that offers its help when you first start a "Builder" project. Get that going, even if it does not meet all of your needs, and use it learn how to expand the system to your heart's content.

    Hope this helps!

    Dan in St. Louis
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