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Global Cache remote relay control

How can you specify a port number when using a Global Cache GC100-12. I am using the serial port to control a garage door. Similar to your other response but it is a niche case I happen to be using.
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  • Here is the documentation from the Global Cache site:

    Section 1 shows the different Module and Port numbers. The relays appear to be 3:1, 3:2, and 3:3. (Module 3, Relay 1, 2, or 3)

    Section 5.3.2 describes the Relay Commands. For example:

    setstate, 3:1, 1\x0D

    The command above would close the first relay. Also, the command above ends with a Carriage Return. In iRule, that is \x0D (that is backslash - small x - ZERO - CAPITAL D)

    Note that the relay outputs are what is called a "dry contact." Think of them as an on/off switch. This means there is no voltage or ground connected to the contacts, you must provide that yourself in your circuit. Typically, you wire the plus terminal of your power supply to 1 of the 2 connections on the relay. Then you wire from the other relay connection to your load, and then from the other load terminal to the minus terminal of your power supply.

    Also, note that these relay outputs are only small control relays. They can only handle 24 volts and 0.5 amps (500 milliamps). If you connect them to a regular houselamp, or a 120 v motor, for instance, they will immediately fry!

    Here is the Quickstart Guide:
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