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Google + Login method

iRule 4.1 has produced questions and comments concerning the new login method. This short tutorial is to help explain the changes that have been made to the login process.

iRule has always required a Google account in order to program and sync the application. We never required a Google+ account because of Google's authentication method. As of April 20, 2015, Google will no longer be supporting our previous authentication method. For more information on this authentication change click here

In order to conform with the authentication change, the legacy sign in method will no longer work for iRule accounts. You will need to use the Google+ login method within the application to sync your handset. Google+ is not required on the google account in order to complete the syncing process. 

Users were reporting issues of syncing failure prior to the release of 4.1. One of the solutions was to allow access to less secure applications. Many users were concerned with the need to allow access to less secure apps and we agree. The change to use Google+ authentication will no longer require users to change security settings within their google account to be able to sync. 
  • Tim (Official Rep) July 13, 2015 16:06
    Hi everyone,

    First we’d like to apologize for any trouble this may have caused you. We wanted to take some time to address your concerns about Google+ login, it’s Android implementation, and what we’re doing to resolve them.

    From the beginning iRule has used an authentication method provided by Google called Google Client Auth. This method required the users to provide us with their gmail address and raw password. A method that puts the security of your account at risk due to the fact that your password has to be stored on the client and our servers. Google has since removed this method for that reason and has forced developers to use their new OAuth method provided by their Google+ service.

    Thankfully, they have given us the option to use this method without requiring our users to sign up for a Google+ profile. This means that nothing has changed and we are actually collecting less information from you, keeping the data you have chosen to share with Google just between you and them. When you press the login button in iRule, you’re directed to a Google hosted page, where you enter your email and password, Google then will only share with us your email address and a token that lets us know that it’s really you.

    Right now we’re implementing a fix for Android which will solve the issues with multiple Google accounts on the same device. We are also currently investigating other authentication methods for a future release, so please keep an eye out for further communications on this. If you’re still unsatisfied please contact Again, we apologize that this hasn’t worked out for everyone. We value our users immensely, and we are working to make this right.

    iRule Team
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