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HAI module & HAI Buttons troubleshooting


I'm working on an interface for HAI OMNI PRO II and use HAI module sliders, they appointed accommodation units (by index number), then I added the usual buttons and assign them the HAI buttons network codes (and use it for All On/All Off scenes for example). Then, in the Android iRule I created gateway for HAI and awarded him the HAI module and HAI battons. Everything works, but ... about 30 seconds...
After that, the sliders are beginning to hang and do not display the correct status of units, although the command to change the brightness and on/off transmitted to the controller also transmits a HAI buttons commands to turn all off/on scenes. When I remove sliders or HAI buttons commands, everything is working well. And it is observed on different android devices.

What am I doing wrong?

And one more question, or rather just a wish. Why the developers did not add other devices to the HAI module sliders, switches and thermostats, why can not change the icon for the switch? Agree, it is strange to control the drapery by the switch with lamp. )))
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  • From your description, I suspect that you are requesting feedbacks or sending commands too fast. The HAI works initially, but then the interface is overloaded and it slows way down or crashes.

    Try putting LONG delays between commands or feedback requests, like 30 seconds. This is mainly just to troubleshoot the problem. If it works, you can gradually reduce the delays for the actual project.

    It may be easier to work on just one slider first. Once you have one working, it will be much easier to create the rest.

    It may be helpful to put labels on the page temporarily to display feedbacks and/or variables for troubleshooting purposes.

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