Have feedback perform tasks on handsets

I would like feedback to perform tasks within iRule, for my part switching from one page to another.

The reason is that I would like to expand iRule in my house and with more handsets. I would like to run an activity from my dedicated iPad, and at some point pickup my iPhone and have that started in that activity, and if I should at some point use my iPhone to change the activity i would like the activity on the iPad to change as well. As all my activities are tied to the inputs on my AV reciever, the feedback from this could if possible be used to switch between my different panels. If implemented it should be done so that it allows for for different "zones" so if someone changes activity in the living room it doesn't affect a hanset used to control an activity on the second floor and vice-versa.

I hope I made myself understood, as english isn't my first language.
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