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I’m disappointed

HDanywhere IP Control

I see that late last year, HDanywhere announced iRule compatibility -

And within iRule, I can now see and add an "HDanywhere 4x4 HTTP" IP-based device, and configure a gateway for it on my remote (an Android Transformer). However, after creating some test buttons and syncing it to my device, nothing appears to work.

Looking at the network code "data" field, it shows that the following URL is used for control, in this example, moving input 1 to output 3 -

But when I access the HDanywhere admin page, then paste this onto the end of the IP address, I get a blank page and no change of output.

I've contacted HDanywhere regarding that last fact, but since both HDanywhere and iRule appear to think this works, I'm hoping one side can help me out!

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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