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How can I troubleshoot an IR blaster attached to a Global Cache iTach Flex IP?

I had a iTach WiFi with one IR emitter attached to my set top box and an IR blaster aimed across the room at my TV. All worked fine until I switched out my network gear (to a Netgear Orbi) and could not for the life of me get the iTach WiFi to connect. Since I had extra ethernet ports as a result of the network changes, I got a Global Cache iTach Flex with the 3-port cable in the theory that it would work better than the wifi anyways.

The emitter for the set top box works fine, but the blaster does not. In the Flex's configuration I have both options (3-port cable and IR blaster) checked, and the TV is configured in Simple Control for port 3 (the regular emitter for the set top box works fine in Simple Control).

My blaster may be an older one - it doesn't look like the ones for sale on the globalcache website now, but is a flat, tapered rectangle shape.

Any ideas how to debug this?
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