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How to access SmartHome Hub (2242-222) from iRule?

In iRule I control everything in my Home Theatre.

I have used the Insteon iPad app independent of iRule for quite some time. I'm controlling lights, fans, thermostats, fireplace, pool pumps, etc. I don't really need all of that control in iRule, but I sure would like to control a couple of key lights from within iRule.

From DEVICES, I have downloaded "Insteon Lighting Devices - Home" & I'm using the Network Codes. In Builder there is a device id attached to it - 3361924030. Is this a default id? Or do I need to figure out the id code for my particular device which is an Insteon Hub #2242-222, ip address 192.168.21?

On my iPad I've made the connection to the Hub, i.e. everything is green & its apparently sending the commands. The Gateway is configured on the iPad with the correct ip address, Port 9761. Also, there is a Username & Password to access the Hub.

What do I need to do to point my lighting commands at the Hub?
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