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How to control Zone 2 on Onkyo

I have two zones. The main zone is inside the house and the Zone 2 is on the deck. In the IP commands, there isn't a specific command to tell the Onkyo to go to Zone 2. There is a separate device that is Zone 2 for Integra/Onkyo. Is it just a function of using those commands to tell the Onkyo to send the signal to Zone 2?
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  • iRule decided to make separate Devices (drivers) for many multi-zone receivers. If you are running into the limit for how many Devices your license allows you can just copy the Zone 2 commands from that Device and paste them into the Main Zone Device.

    At least that has been our experience with Denon/Marantz, but we have no reason to believe they would treat Onkyo any differently.
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