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HTD Module on Note 4 freezing/hanging when you move in menus. Occurs around the menu rotate feature.

I have noticed a glitch on my Note 4 (android 5.1.1) that causes issues with the HTD Module. It seems to be related to moving through screens/menus of the module. If I click on the menu button in top right my screen dims a bit, the menu button greys out but the menu does not pop-up. I then tap the module again and the menu launches. In the screenshot below you can see when this double tap is required the menu loads but all the zones below are backwards as if the screen froze during the rotation animation.

Then if I make a change in something like the zone name I often have to hit the save button several times for anything to occur. Then when it takes me back to the main screen everything will be backwards as shown in my second screenshot. If I wait 5 or 10 seconds the rotation animation will finish or if I tap the screen a second time if finishes.

During all the freeze and double tap I notice about half the time any selection or change I made does not save and I have to perform the action a couple times before it takes.

Any thoughts on this? Is this specific to the Note 4?

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