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I’m very angry

Impossibility to access to the device/gateway/sync panels anymore on Android


I was very happy with the new release 2.0 of iRule for Android... since the last update: I can't access to the devices/gateway/sync panels anymore!

When I push the left button (at the bottom, in the opposite of the "back" button of my Samsung Galaxy 3.6 S (Android 2.3), I just get a black screen for 2 seconds and it exits the application without error message.

I tried several things :
- powering off my Samsung: no change
- uninstalling iRule and reinstalling it: I just can synchronise the panels and restore my gateways after entering my user but that's all.
- installing iRule on my phone (Android 4.0) : same issue.

I don't know if it can help but I noticed that the "Exit" option had disapeared from the identification panel.

=> for the moment I can't use iRule anymore :-( because my gateway backup is incomplete (one missing device and no feedback).

Maybe I did something wrong in my parameterization, what I just know is that it used to work before.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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