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Increasing or decreasing Denon Receiver volume level too slow in iRule

I have copied the layout from all my devices controls to irule program, but I had just one problem with the volume of my Denon Receiver volume bottom.

When I press the volume + and volume - buttons in the Denon Receiver Control to increase or decrease the volume it makes a change of 0.5 in the volume level, but when I keep it pressed, the volume starts change quickly making the change of volume level easier.

When I use the volume + button, for exemple, in irule control, the volume level increases 0.5 as expected, the same way as using the Denon Receiver Control, but on the other hand when I keep it pressed in irule it doesn't make the volume level change quickly like in the Denon Receiver Control.

I have tried change the button parameters but it did not work. Is there any way to solve this problem?
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