Initial setup and use of GC-100 with iRule

I am posting this here as a new topic since I noticed that I originally posted it as a reply to a question that was marked as answered. Hopefully this will the discussion going.

I just purchased the GC-100-12 also and have a very similar question regarding controlling the relays on the GC. I am using the trial version of iRule just to see if I can make it work the way I would like to with the GC-100.

I set up the GC-100, modified the sample Main portrait page in the builder by importing the Global Cache device, and assigning the Relay1, 2, 3 commands to some buttons on the main page. I synced to my iPod touch. On the iPod, I set up a new GC-100 gateway (the app located it on the network), assigned the Global Cache device to Relay on that page.

When I go to the Main Panel, I press the button to send the Relay 1 On command and I see the green LED on the GC-100 flash but nothing happens (the relay does not get turned on). Same issue for Relay 1 Off, 2 and 3 On and Off. Looks like GC-100 is getting something on the network bur not responding.

Any help is appreciated while I am still using the builder trial version (3 days left).


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