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Insteon and JVC devices not working after iRule update


After updating to the latest version of iRule on iOS (I think I was two versions behind), I'm having problems with my Insteon and JVC devices. I'm using an iPad 2 with iOS 7 still. With everything working I saw no reason to go to iOS9 but can do if this is just an incompatibility with 7 and the latest iRule.

For Insteon I'm using http (with the codes from the Australian site) and the gateway (the new AllJoyn version of the hub) reports as green but there is no response as I send commands. Insteon's own app has no problems.

For my JVC projector, LAN connected, this now always shows as red. I've confirmed the IP address is fine (I'm using static allocations).

My Global Cache devices continue to work fine. Any ideas?
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