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Integra DHC-80.2 and the Integra Module: fact or fiction?

So I was pretty excited to use the Integra module so I can play Pandora in other zones and control it, but I gotta say trying to get it to any state of life is frustrating. Given that there doesn't appear to be much under my control, I'm not sure what I could be doing wrong. In my macro, I am able to successfully turn on Zone 2 and presumably am setting the input to NET Radio. Through trial and error and the lineup of the planets, I've seen the radio selection come up once, but most times I just get a spinning wheel, and various stages of displays, but none of the "buttons" appear to do much of anything but bring the spinning wheel back...

Is the DHC-80.2 too old to work reliably with the module, or am I missing the "tricks of the trade?" Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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  • Ephrumsirc,

    The 80.2 should not be too old to operate the module. I have noticed something similar to what you are describing when trying to use Zone 2 of the module. I have been able to get the second zone to work, but I needed to choose Zone 1 first. Once I had selected Zone 1, I was then able to reselect Zone 2. I will give these details to our development team so they can fix this issue, since this is not the way this module is intended to be used.

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