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iRule for iOS Version 3.3.1

Version 3.3.1 is a maintenance release that addresses a host of issues that popped up with the 3.3 release and some new behaviors running on iOS 7.

App Fixes & Improvements
- New feature: App now returns to last-used page if iOS stopped iRule while it was in the background
- Eliminated various bugs in the Vera Module that crept into the last update; switches, on/off light, feedback, scenes
- Various Denon module updates for reliability, transport controls, zone buttons, pressed states for transport controls
- Fixed an issue where ISY thermostat feedback wouldn't appear
- Fixed Lutron keypad button module to appear in app
- Fix for background on all drape, shade, blind, and weather modules
- Modified Foscam Module to work with username only
- Tweaked UPnP discovery to stop while in background
- Eliminated a memory leak that could cause the app to crash
- ISY scene module sizing is improved
- Eliminated a memory leak with some HAI gateways
- Resolved a vertical alignment issue with numeric feedback
- Gateways now won't disconnect when app is 'inactive', e.g. when Notification- or Control Center is open

Builder Fixes & Improvements
- Selected Clock Module now indicates green/selected per standard
- Fixed an issue with right-click-delete on page view
- Fixed an issue with copy/paste in page view
- Resolved an issue that prevented panels from being pasted into an empty handset
- Corrected an issue where tool tips weren't updated after a command had been added to in element Edit view
- Fixed page element tooltips not updating after delay value was updated