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iPod 2G fail to authentificate


I have an iPod 2g with ios 4.2.1 and irule version 2.5.1 (950).
It’s the last version compatible with ios 4.2.1.

Here is the issue:
It don’t want to sync anymore. I've these pop-up message:
"Fail to authentificate, please check your login username and password."
However, i’m sure about my username and password (the same work perfectly on my iPhone).
I’ve delete and re-install irule, verifying the date and hour in the ipod settings and delete all the ipod settings and it still don’t want to sync.
In google security option, i've set to Allow option for "Allow Access For Less Secure Apps": same thing!

Do you know why it don’t want to sync anymore?

Kind Regards.
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