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I’m unsure

iRule and Entone 450 STB sporadic operation of IR Codes

Hello iRule employees and forum members...

Unique situation I am not sure how to correct. I just had iTV installed at my house. The cable company uses the Entone Kamai 450 model STB.

Apple Time Capsule WiFi
iRule Basic
Entone 450 STB

The Entone 450 does not exist in the database. So, I used the model 500 codes.
I programmed the remote IR codes on top of the existing cable control panel and deleted the old Motorola codes and the automatically inserted 0.2 sec delay leaving only the Entone 500 codes.

Some of the codes work just fine - for example the up arrow and info work just as expected when pressed. However, the Guide and Down arrow keys require several presses to get a function out of. Same for several of the number keys. Essentially this makes the new cable box not usable with iRule. All of my other devices function correctly.

Also, when the poorly functioning buttons are pressed I see the IR eye blink so I know the signal is going through.

I am left with the following unanswered questions / conclusions:
1. The codes for the errant buttons must be correct since they function correctly after a random number of several taps.

2. Since everything else is functioning properly I believe all of my equipment is correct.

3. Did writing the Entone commands on top of the old Motorola cable box pages cause this problem and should I delete and start a new page?

4. I have not tried this on the iPad yet and see if the problem exists there too - I will and see what I get. If different, I will update the post and report the problem is with my phone.

5. If the model 500 codes are slightly different and causing this problem, is there a place I can get the 450 codes? Program my own?

6. I don't have a module from GC to learn codes. That would be the next solution I could try.

I appreciate all repossess and attempts to help.

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