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iRule on FireTV Stick

...ok, this might sound crazy and not very interesting for most of you but perhaps someone can use this in his setup:

I have managed to install iRule on a FireTV Stick. You don't have to root the stick. I am no programmer, so I am quite proud of managing this, although it is really easy. I think, everyone who ever installed something on a Fire TV Stick using adbFire can do this. Also install FireStarter to auto-start iRule.

So what is the use of it ?

I planned to use it for iRule's security module to show the picture of my security cams on my TV. This works perfectly but I found a better app for the Fire TV for this purpose.

So I set up a panel which shows the feedback of my music server. What it looks like is shown below.

If I find the time I will test if I can use the Stick to let some things automate by iRule without a traditional handset (iPhone / tablet etc...). Of course the Fire TV Stick can send commands but on the other hand, there is no way to send them manually (what doesn't make sense anyway...). But it should be possible to retrieve feedbacks and send macros if a certain event happens. Or simply let a macro run when the Stick is powered on. I think the hardliners reading this have enough fantasy to create some interesting settings with this...


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