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iRule stable on iOS 8.4?

I'm paranoid to update my iphone after previous issues with iRule not being up to speed yet.

I have seen complaints on 8.3, but now it's on 8.4. I have a ton of feedbacks and variables, etc.

Is it safe?
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  • Hi Kevin,

    While we did run into some trouble when iOS 8.3 released, we have since patched those issues and modified our testing procedure for pre-release versions of iOS to ensure the apps run smoothly when Apple releases new versions. I can assure you that, as of now, the app runs as well on iOS 8.4 as any other version of iOS. We can also report that our initial tests with the pre-release versions of iOS 9 are going well and any issues we find will be resolved before it's released to the public this fall.

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