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iRule v4.7

New Features

  • Device code variables.

    • This feature allows the programmer to embed a variable within the data of a device command, and change a singular portion of the string required to communicate with equipment.

  • iPad Pro Handset -

    • Within the wizard you will find new handset templates for both iPad Pro 9.7 and 12.7 handsets.

  • Max/Min functions added to variable expression

  • Added gateway icon to Android handsets using Full screen mode

  • Builder Zoom

    • Added the ability for the programmer to zoom the center window within the builder.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with global macros added to a toggle button

  • Fixed issue with input variable not encoding messages within commands

  • Fixed issue where launch field was missing when adding launch action to a button

  • Fixed issue where copying/pasting a page would keep the same page name

  • Fixed issue where merging a handset would duplicate all global macros

  • Fixed issue where deleting a global macro would not remove its reference from a handset

  • Fixed issue with cameras on Android - now allowing multiple camera streams per page

  • Fixed Google login issue on both iOS and Android. Using new Google authentication method instead of Google+

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  • I have an iPad Mini and a iPad Pro, 12.7". I updated to the newest iRule and now the pro iRule pages are much smallet and the draws on the left don't show. With the previous version the screen was filled full and worked OK for my purposes on the pro (as a back up to my dedicated mini for iRule) Is there a way in builder I can duplicate my current hand set, (iPad retina) name it IPad Pro an just change the backgrounds to match the pro resolution?. Or even easier, can I revert back to the previous iRule version and reinstall it on my pro?
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    • Don, we looked into this issue and it appears something has changed with Apple and a scaling feature we have used in the past. The only handsets this issue is affecting are those created as iPad Retina handset syncing on the iPad Pro handsets. The iPad/iPad Mini handsets that can be generated within the builder can be synced to the iPad Pro 12.7 without issue based on our testing.

      The only options available to correct the issue would be the zoom mode or creating a new handset in builder.
    • I went back to an iRule Legacy version of iRule in the Apple Apps Store and synced to my iPad Pro 12.7" and the same file that works on my Mini now fills the screen on iPad Pro.
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  • I have an old iPad 1 with IOS 5.1.1 which I have been using as a kitchen iPad, for the family, with iRule controlling lights, blinds, furnace, sprinklers, sound and providing current and forecast weather. I am running iRule version v4.5.0 and it has been working reliably for quite some time.

    Today I logged into Builder on my PC and noticed that my Main panel has changed slightly. A number of the images and fields on the page have shifted downward! Some of the lower images are partially off the screen!

    I remembered that I saw an update for iRule come through recently and so I checked the Builder version and see that it has been updated to Version:4.7.0 (5097).

    Is it possible that the recent implementation of the zooming features in Builder are affecting the panel? I am now concerned about doing a sync with my iPad!

    Note that I also did a Restore from an earlier Backup but it shows the same slight changes!
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