iRule 1.3.0 Now Available for Android!

We are excited to announce that iRule version 1.3.0 for Android is now available for download.

We know our Android users have been anxious to get their hands on the new version of iRule for Android. It's taken us a little time to get it ready because we worked really hard to get it right. We're excited to announce it's available for download today!

New Features in iRule Version 1.3.0 for Android:

  • Major Optimization - In this new version of iRule for Android, the app has undergone a major overhaul to optimize performance for the Android platform, improve reliability and robustness, and to better align the feature set with the iOS version.

  • UDP Support - The app supports sending UDP commands as well as receiving and processing UDP feedback.

  • Text on Buttons & Links - Buttons and Links and can now have text overlaid for labeling and more customization without external graphics- or photo-editing applications.

  • Screen Dimming - iRule for Android now dims the screen after a period of inactivity. Leave iRule open and connected in a dark room and just tap the screen to brighten and use it.

  • Message Dialog - "Message" dialogs to direct users to wait while device macros execute. This is helpful to prevent issues arising from users making source selections before devices are powered on or HDMI handshaking occurs.

  • Smooth Repeat IR - Faster repeating of infrared commands on supported devices, useful in applications such as volume ramping.

  • Better Macro Handling - Macros are now queued for more coordinated sequential execution.

  • Improved Command Execution - Command queuing has been improved for more robust control execution.

  • "More" tab - This tab in the Builder holds these items, which:
  • Actions - New Delay and Message elements for more reliable and polished macros.

  • Widgets - Drag-and-drop Buttons, Links, Labels, and URLs from this new element group.

  • Launch - Launch external apps, an email to support, or a URL in the browser - right from a Button!

  • Navigation - Use the Navigation commands to add your own Back, Sync, Panels, and Gateways buttons to a remote.

  • New Handset Templates - Preset handset templates for popular newer Android devices are available in the Builder Handsets menu.