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iRule for iOS Version 3.2

Revisions and Additions

New Top Drawer
Now you can add Top Drawers to your remote! They'll only work as 'pinned' (static) drawers, since the gesture to open and close a Drawer would conflict with the gesture for iOS' Notification Center, but it's still a handy tool to be able to build a better, more flexible remote.

Second Multi-State Deselect Group
Multi-state images now support a second 'deselect' group, allowing for two sets of source/activity to interact with one another without using variables to do so. One example is in the default handset templates, where there is a set of activity buttons on the home page, and another in a Drawer. Now, when you press 'Watch Movie' in one place, it will be selected in both.

Rebuilt URL Scheme With Linking
Now you launch iRule and open the remote to a specific Page and Panel using nothing more than a URL! In addition, the 'Back' button now supports external applications, so if some other app calls iRule, the 'Back' button will take the user to the external application.

Other Improvements, Changes, and Fixes

  • Improved functionality of Variables modifying Drawers

  • Variables now correctly modify Delays

  • Variables now correctly modify Messages

  • Fixed an issue with page name variables on links

  • Improved touch-event handling of press-release buttons

  • Improved feedback display when new pages load

  • More refinements for updated iOS 7 compatibility

  • Resolved an issue that could cause the app to crash when switching between two pages containing Vera Automation modules

  • Removed light display from vera scene module to mirror Vera functionality

  • Resolved an issue where tapping buttons, links, or Launch elements could execute a command assigned to a gesture

  • Corrected an issue where restoring gateways from an Android backup could cause a crash

  • Fixed an issue with WOL commands which prevented it from working in some cases

  • Leaving a 'selected group' tag blank now selects only itself and not affect any other images