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iRule 3.1.0 is now available for iOS


  • Variables! A powerful new feature for power-users, variables make complex controls much simpler. From which devices a page controls, to link destinations, to which graphics are displayed on a button or link, almost anything can be controlled by a variable.

  • Multi-state images! Buttons and links can now have three appearance states: Default, pressed, and selected. Make your user-interface more interactive with more meaning. Add source selection indication in a single Drawer. The graphics in the three main themes have been updated with "pressed" states, and activity/source buttons have "selected" states.

  • ESI Module for blinds, shades, and drapes! This new module supports ESI motors and actuators for fast, easy control of shades, blinds, and drapes.

  • Weather Module! Glance at your remote control to find out what's going on outside.

  • URL Widget Refresh. URL widget views will now refresh at user-defined intervals.

  • Wake-on-LAN (WOL) is now an Action object. Wake a device in a macro on a button or link, or in a panel entrance.

  • UPnP auto-discovery of some devices is now supported

  • Module background visibility is now optional on Automation and Weather Modules.

  • Implemented a new device quota to better support larger, more complex systems. Basic and Pro licenses include 15 and 25 devices, respectively. Additional devices are $7.

  • Resolved an issue where enable volume control for a device could cause the app to crash. Volume control not available if a device has no volume commands.

  • Improved Leviton Module communication with the controller.

  • Resolved an issue where Leviton controller messages were truncated.

  • Resolved an issue where the Leviton Module wouldn't display thermostat cool set points when switched to Auto from Heat mode.

  • Added a "waiting" display overlay to the Automation Module indicate status is updating.

  • Resolved an issue where updating thermostat set points could crash the app.

  • Adjusted IR smooth-repeat count for better performance.

  • Lutron and ESI Module blind controls are user-selectable and support tilt, lIft, or both. Added horizontal module layout.

  • HAI thermostat module now supports scaling of the user interface.

  • If gateways disconnect for any reason, the app will now attempt to reconnect with a button tap.

  • The navigation bar is now hidden on iPhone in landscape mode.

  • Special characters in username/password HTTP URLs are now encoded properly

  • Added Celsius support for Lutron thermostat module.

  • Fixed an issue with device rotation on iPad 1 running iOS 5

  • Resolved an issue where the app would crash if username and password were empty

  • Added 14400 baud rate, fixing incorrect index on higher baud rates

  • Updated the welcome message to reflect new 30-day trial period.