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iRule 3.1.1 is now available for iOS

New in iRule version 3.1.1:

iRule App

  • New "Swipe Disable" feature

  • Fixed issues with MiCasaVerde Vera Module

  • Resolved issue with two-finger gestures

  • Pin codes are now cleared after invalidation

  • Embedded URL element now responds to Set Variable

  • Enabled feedback appearance attribute variables

  • Corrected an issue with page titles when switching orientation

  • Fixed a crash that occurred with variables and switching backgrounds or using cross-panels

  • User now can opt for disabling auto-discovery of network devices in the settings page

  • Setup and configuration settings are now saved switching between tabs

  • Fixed two issues that could cause the blind, drape, and shade modules to become unresponsive

  • Fixed an issue with changing multiple page names using variables

  • Enabled some drawer variables: Percentage open, initially open, pinned

  • iRule is now iOS 7 compatible!

iRule Builder

  • Added panel property to enable/disable swipe

  • Added ability to drag and drop device code on Set Variable element

  • Fixed Set Variable name selection by mouse after a name value is deleted

  • Resolved an issue when using the mouse to pick the suggested value when editing variable name

  • Corrected the Set Variable name property display

  • Enabled HAI Module on Android handsets

  • Added a save changes confirmation dialog before the Handset/Activity Wizard starts.

  • It would be nice to see an android update to keep up with the feature set of iOS when it is technically possible. Sorry to say but it seems like iOS gets a higher priority than android.
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    • its like the chicken and the egg, of course the majority of your customers still using iOS, because the IOS ver is a lot better, i can buy a lot faster and cheaper android device in the price of IOS device, android is a lot more open and flexible, you don't support any of the android advantages ( widgets ? ) so this is not a surprise when you say most customers still using iOS, if someone already have an IOS device he wont get android device when he know the app is better in IOS, and if someone have android device and thinking of buying irule he see the android app always months behind, even the name of the app is connected to IOS so....

      android market just reach 80% in the 2Q of 2013! so i think most of your potential customers are actually using android and not IOS, but what can i say, this is the chicken and the egg story
    • I can only second that. I'm using an ipad only because of irule & sonos apps. I would certainly buy an android tablet once the android controllers would improve, but I have a smaller controller on my galaxy S3 which is really bad compared to the ios version although android would offer much more features.
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