iRule and EventGost- Trial Won't Work

I'm an noob to iRule and am in day 2 of my trial. My setup will rely heavily on EventGhost (EG) interoperability.

I'm running Win 7, EG 0.4.1, a Galaxy S2 and a XOOM tablet, both running ICS. I read and followed I know that I can transmit and receive UDP messages as I have EG running on 2 different PCs and am able to test messages between them. I am currently using port 3335.

I created a very simple panel with 1 button to which I placed a Channel Up Network Code from the EventGhost MCE device actions. After syncing, if I press the button on either the phone or tablet, a small red cion flashes near the top left of the display and no UDP message is received by EG. I've tried different ports but still no UDP reception.

Any ideas on what I have done wrong or could do to rectify? Is this a limitation of the trial version? I do not have MCE running but I assume this is okay as I'm just looking for the UDP packet to be sent to EG. I'll trigger my own EG macro once I can get it working. Help!
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