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iRule for iOS Version 3.3

What's New in iRule Version 3.3.0

Builder Features
* Builder Handset Full-Resolution Grid
* Builder Multi-select

New Modules
* Denon Audio Module - Multizone audio and streaming for newer networked Denon AV receivers
* Foscam Security Module - Simple integration of IP cameras with clean, easy display and control
* Clock Module - Handy display of 12/24-hour time and optional date in your remote
* Security Modules - Foscam, HAI security to start; more security and camera modules on the way!

Fixes & Improvements
* Resolved several HAI Module issues related to handset sleep, controller disconnects, and feedback
* Fixed a memory leak in loading background images
* Fixed an issue where multi-state button groups wouldn't update in a drawer.
* Corrected an issue with images without extensions on Retina display handsets.
* Improved geolocation service handling for weather module.
* Corrected an issue where the screen would shift with hidden nav on iOS 7.
* Fixed bottom tab bar not displaying with sync navigation element.
* Resolved an issue with enabling links with panel/page Set Variable.
* Set Variable can now set multiple fields in an object if same variable name is assigned.
* Fixed an issue where the nav bar could disappear in Panels list view after using sync element
* Fixed an issue where gestures would override commands assigned to labels.
* Corrected an issue that could cause a crash when a panel name is changed Set Variable from a link