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JVC Gateway Not Connecting unless I set it to UDP.

My JVC RS-45 just stopped connecting for some reason. I've deleted the devices, gateways, re configured everything, etc. here's the strange thing. If I set up the gateway as UDP instead of TCP, the gateway shows green but the commands of course do not work. If I set it back to TCP, the gateway goes red again. The settings in the projector are correct and the port setting is correct. I can ping the JVC from a laptop. The gateway doesn't work on my iPhone or Samsung. The projector works fine with my factory remote and was working with iRule just fine for about 2 months and all of a sudden the gateway just wouldn't work. It seems like with setting up the gateway as UDP and it showing green but not TCP, that I'm missing something simple here. Anybody have anything? Also, the gateway will show green if I do not attach the device for some reason. I thought it would be white if there was no device attached. As soon as I attach the projector to the gateway, it goes red again. I thought for sure it was an IRule problem at first but then I figured that maybe the network device in the JVC just stopped working properly, but since I can ping it and this gateway is acting so oddly, I'm back to thinking it's an IRule issue again.
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