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Launch 3rd party apps as window in iRule to maintain other iRule functions

It would be useful if iRule could launch another app inside of iRule. I know you can use iRule to launch another app and leave iRule to use it, but I want to use that 3rd party app inside iRule almost like a window. With the current setup, you don't have iRule available for volume or source selection unless you use a task manager to get back to it. I currently use iRule to launch Yatze to control XBMC which is a great interface, but once you get there, you loose control of everything else and have no way to return.

I would really like to build in the Oppo, Yatze, Directv apps to iRule and have those as pages or windows within iRule. That means less possible programming for iRule users and may provide a richer user experience.

My big question is whether the Android architecture and iRule would even allow this type of action. If it is possible, I think many people would benefit from it.
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