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Link iPhone Hardware Volume Buttons to Gestures Allowing You to Map them to Actions

Basically, add the capability to leverage the up / down hardware volume controls on the side of any iPhone or Android device. I don't even care about the actual iPhone volume status - just let me trigger based on up or down being pressed adding it to screens just like a gesture.

This is a simple addition, fits directly in to the Gesture model in the Builder and I think would provide a TON of value leveraging hardware buttons.

I did some research and iOS provides the ability to detect these button presses without using Apple's private API (which would result in the App getting denied) - so this is totally possible. I am not sure about background detection capability but that would be sweet as well if possible :)

Advanced functionality could be added to sync the volume percent variable for use in our screens.

Thoughts? When can we get it in? ;)
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