Links to pages in current panel for drawers.

Drawers looks like a real time saver with one slight problem. If there is a link in a drawer it has to be configured to a panel. It would be great if the panel could be blank so as to mean the current panel.

For my designs I use the default buttons on the right and left sides of my iPad designs with custom graphics and buttons in the center and every source is its own panel. If you click the lighting button I slide in a page from the same panel so that you no longer have the AV controls in the center but instead have lighting controls and the source selection buttons are the same so as to continue to indicate the selected source. Clicking the lighting button or the source loads back in the AV control page.

I tried a pinned drawer for the right side but the lighting button is a link that has to have a panel assigned. So I can only use the drawer for one source panel and therefore is only useful for 2 pages. If the link could indicate the current panel, then I could use the drawer for all my pages no matter what panel it is in.
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