Links using gestures


may I did not find a way to do this, but I think iRule does simply not support his yet.

Coming from Pronto Edit Professional and an TSU-9800 I am strongly missing a feature that has been implemented in the PEP 3 lately: overlay windows.

Overlay windows just overlayed over the current window making it easy to access the contens of it without having to jump back& forth.

I used this for lighting control so I could jump to my lighting control from every page quite easily.

A workaround in iRule would be to implemente a link to lighting control on every page, but I do not think this is elegant. A more elegant solution would be, to have gestures work with links.

At least I could not find a way to link a "link" to a gesture.

So I do not have to worry about placing extra buttons on each page, I would simply apply the same gesture to every page to access my lighting.

So - to cut a long story short: I really would like to see gestures being able to be used as links to pages.

Thanks, Philipp
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