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Lost the Panels button... Can't Sync??

All of a sudden I am no longer seeing the Panels and Back buttons on my iPad! Recently in Builder, in the Handsets Manager, I clicked on Full Screen Mode for my iPad. However after reading the cautions I cancelled out of there without saving that selection. Shortly after this, on the iPad, the bar at the top disappeared and now I see a small arrow at the bottom left which seems to to act like the Back button but does not back to the Panels / Settings screen!!

I have deleted the app from my iPad at least 6 times and each time did a Sync with builder after restoring my gateways. Each time I get the same result... no access to the Panels / Settings screen except for at the initial start.

I have double-checked that the Full Screen Mode for my iPad, in the Handset Manager, is still set to No.

Any thoughts on what is going on and how I recover from this?
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